Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry

Welcome to Forest Hills Dental, where Dr. Nick Morganti and our team offer advanced dental care services, including Digital Dentistry. Our revolutionary approach blends technology with oral health, delivering precise and comfortable treatments. CEREC technology can create high-quality dental restorations in a single visit—experience efficient and patient-friendly dental care at Forest Hills Dental.

What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry incorporates digital technology into dental procedures, improving quality, efficiency, and patient experience. It revolutionizes dental care by enhancing precision, reducing treatment time, and increasing patient comfort. With advancements like digital imaging and CAD/CAM systems, dentists can diagnose and treat issues more accurately. Patients benefit from customized restorations created in a single visit, minimizing discomfort and anxiety. Digital dentistry offers high-quality, precise treatments, shorter wait times, and a positive dental experience.

The Role of CEREC Technology

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a game-changing technology in digital dentistry. It uses CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) to create custom dental restorations in just one visit.

The process starts with a digital scan of the patient’s mouth, replacing traditional dental impressions. An intraoral camera captures a detailed, 3D image of the damaged tooth and surrounding area, serving as a virtual model for designing the restoration.

Advanced software is then used to design a precise and customized restoration based on the digital model. This digital approach ensures greater accuracy and customization compared to traditional methods.

Once the design is finalized, the data is sent to the in-office milling unit. Within minutes, the CEREC device carves the restoration out of a ceramic block, matching the tooth’s color and appearance. The result is a high-quality, natural-looking restoration, ready to be bonded to the patient’s tooth on the same day.

This streamlined process eliminates multiple dental visits, temporary restorations, and long waiting periods. With CEREC, patients can leave the dental office with their smile restored in just one appointment, showcasing the efficiency and convenience of digital dentistry.


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The Digital Dentistry Process at Forest Hills Dental

At Forest Hills Dental, we ensure an efficient, comfortable, and precise digital dentistry experience. Our state-of-the-art CEREC technology allows us to complete the entire process, from preparation to the final restoration, in a visit that typically lasts about 90 minutes. Below are the key steps of our digital dentistry process:

Tooth Preparation

The process begins with preparing the tooth for restoration. We remove any decay or weak areas of the tooth to ensure a solid base for your new restoration.

Digital Scanning

Afterward, we utilize the advanced digital scanning capabilities of CEREC by employing an intraoral camera. This enables us to capture a precise and detailed 3D image of your prepared tooth and its surrounding area, eliminating the necessity for uncomfortable traditional dental impressions.

Designing Restorations

With a high-quality digital image, we design your restoration using CEREC's CAD/CAM software. We ensure the restoration fits perfectly and matches the appearance of your natural tooth.

Milling from Durable Ceramic

Once the design is finalized, the digital model is sent to our in-office milling unit. In a matter of minutes, the machine carves your restoration from a durable ceramic block, matching it to the color of your tooth for a natural look.

Ceramic Firing for Strength and Aesthetics

The final step is firing the milled ceramic restoration. This process strengthens the ceramic and enhances its aesthetics, providing a durable restoration that replicates the look and feel of a natural tooth.

This entire process, brought to you by the wonders of digital dentistry and CEREC, ensures you walk out of our office with a restored smile in just a single visit.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Choosing digital dentistry at Forest Hills Dental comes with a host of advantages:

Minimized Discomfort

Our digital dentistry procedures are less invasive than traditional methods, minimizing discomfort for the patient.

Elimination of Goopy Impressions

Our state-of-the-art CEREC technology uses a digital scanner to capture detailed 3D images, eliminating the need for traditional, often uncomfortable, dental impressions.

No Need for Temporary Restorations

With CEREC, we can design, mill, and install your restoration during a single appointment, eliminating the need for temporary restorations and multiple visits.

Fewer Visits for Patients

The efficiency of our digital dentistry process means fewer patient visits. This saves you time and expedites the restoration of your smile.

Enhanced Precision and Accuracy

Our digital scanners and CAD/CAM software ensure high precision and accuracy. This results in restorations that fit perfectly and match your natural teeth.

These benefits greatly improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. We enhance patient comfort and reduce anxiety by offering a more comfortable and efficient experience. Our enhanced precision and accuracy ensure high-quality restorations that can enhance oral health and improve your smile, leading to greater confidence and satisfaction.

Digital Dentistry At Forest Hills Dental

Led by Dr. Nicki Morganti, Forest Hills Dental is at the forefront of incorporating digital dentistry, particularly the revolutionary CEREC technology, into everyday practice. This approach allows quick yet precise dental restorations in one visit, ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction.

At Forest Hills Dental, you’ll experience a streamlined, less invasive dental procedure that prioritizes your time, comfort, and oral health. Schedule a consultation and experience the remarkable benefits of digital dentistry firsthand. Experience a new era of dentistry that combines convenience, precision, and patient-centric care.